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Centre spine feature stairs_Arcadiam Associates Ltd_Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London

Completion: January 2009

This feature single spine straight stair is housed in the foyer of Y&R WPP Group at Greater London House, an iconic Art Deco building.

The challenge was to take inspiration with a perfect blend from the past and current and to ensure Diapo produce a stair that is a subtle account of the Art Deco era.

Our approach was to embrace Art Deco as a style of drawing that relies on bold designs, clear lines, patterns and geometric shapes.

The design evolved into the introduction of “triangle” as a shape reminiscence of the Art Deco period.

The stairs while contemporary in style, integrated an art Deco distinctive pattern to create shade to look or create an abstraction.

The final design and manufacturing involved 3 dimensional metal sheets to produce geometric folded patterns to create the stringer and 3D treads.

Treads are 3 dimensional seamless folded plates supported of a constructed “V “Stringer.

The stair combines inlay stone treads, glass balustrade and handrail.

Concept developed with John Horton D&M