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Feature Monolithic Ply Wood Soffit_Home Park Road, Wimbledon

Completed: February 2014

The main feature of the stairs consist of building up layers of CNC cut laminated timber to form a monolithic stepped soffit, which gives the stairs a unique beautifully sculptured feel.
Chinese puzzle OR precise engineering While the stepped ply soffit and form could have various geometry and interpretation, the stairs comprise of a complementary steel frame to allow its structural integrity and allowing for the wood soffit to be fitted with acute precision.

Who said it doesn’t get more Complex To tackle the complexity of the transition detail of the steeped ply soffit at the winders a sweeping interlocking solution coupled with clever engineering has allowed a CNC laminated process to drives the overall design and construction of stairs, this process has formed an essential part of the geometry and finish product.

and it gets more exciting The stairs is completed with a continuous blackened patinated steel balustrade to contrast the wood soffit and emphasis on its sculptural impact

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