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Julian Hunter Architects_Queens Crescent, Gleneagles, Scotland

Completed : December 2010

This cantilever glass helical stair has been developed by Diapo’s design team over many weeks before finalising this stunning architectural feature.

Through extensive testing, development and consultation with our structural engineers, we were able to put all of our knowledge and experience to dramatic effect
Each glass tread was cantilevered 1300mm and weighed over 80kgs. Amazingly this is only supported by a 80mm wide stringer and was tested to take 1 metric ton at its tip.

The entire stair coil around  a 4 meter diameter fish aquarium at 15 meter high, each tread suspended 40mm from its face. Gallery balustrade were also commissioned to complete the circular atrium surrounding the Aquarium. With sweeping glass balustrade around the two upper levels,  while the building offers  360˚ views of Gleneagles’ Queen’s Course and the countryside beyond.

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Julian Hunter architect http://www.jharchitects.co.uk