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Private Commission_Culross Street, Mayfair

Completed: March 2012

Tasked with creating a staircase running up five flights from the basement to the roof in a luxury Mayfair property, the team were set the challenge of producing a set of cantilevered stairs that had no direct bearing on the side walls.

The final solution was this visually stunning set of stairs, comprising of a freestanding cranked steel stinger, hard wood treads, complimented with an internal glass balustrade. The absence of any side fixings giving the whole staircase the impression of floating within its environment.

The treads are made from folded steel trays and along with the glass clamps fully clad with American white oak so as to appear as if a solid piece, the zigzag box steel stringer sprayed white to blend harmoniously with its surroundings and subtle low level lighting used to help highlight the path.