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‘Out with the old, In with the new!’

Following the purchase of a newly renovated mews house, it became clear that the staircase was not in keeping with the general standard of the property. It was a good example of how a poorly designed staircase can seriously affect the look, flow, and feel of a home.  Diapo were called in to address this issue and turn a ill considered stair into a desirable interior feature.

Working with our open minded client our design team considered the space carefully, deciding to reverse the direction of the stair. The team then worked to combine the aesthetic, structural and functional requirements to produce this stunning end result.

When the client arrived home for the first time after instillation we received an email immediately to congratulate us on our work. It once again proved that whether grand or reserved, a well considered and carefully executed functional stair can transform and elevate itself and its surrounding space.

To see more about the project please click  http://diapo.co.uk/portfolio/kinnerton-place.html